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Singer Jill Scott performs at the at Fox Theater on August 12, 2019, in Atlanta. | Source: Prince Williams / Getty

A completely unsubstantiated rumor about an alleged sex tape of the celebrated soul singer, songwriter and actress Jill Scott went viral on Tuesday night and seemed to break the entire internet — or, at least, the portion where Black users log online.


That was evidenced by Black Twitter, in particular, which, um, reacted, er, strongly, shall we say, with a wide range of virtual emotions expressed with the wittiest, timeliest — and most hilarious — memes and gifs.

While some demonstrated an overt eagerness to consume such content, many of the social media reactions capitalized on the moment by posting images from pop culture — like the one below paying  an intersting form of homage to the psychopathic stalker of the main character from Netflix’s hit series “You.”

The big takeaway people seemed to glean from the situation is that there is more than likely not a Jill Scott sex tape in existence, let alone one floating around on social media.

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However, whether true or not, the rumor at once reinforced Scott’s status as a sex symbol and harkened back to a little more than three years ago when she delivered a suggestive performance that had a similar viral effect on the internet as the unconfirmed reports of a sex tape were having Tuesday night.

The last we heard from Jill Scott, she was contemplating becoming an ex-pat and leaving the U.S. to raise her pre-teen son in a foreign country that has a much less politically charged and racial climate than the omnipresent one in America. Chances are, in that instance, just like Tuesday night, Black Twitter had some strong feelings about Scott’s announcement that she was considering departing from the United States.

With that said, celebrity sex tapes are far from a unique notion. Everyone from Afrobeat singer Tiwa Savage to rapper A$AP Rocky to comedian and actor Kevin Hart to notorious Texas pastor David E. Wilson has been implicated in allegations surrounding reported sex tapes. In some cases, it can be beneficial for one’s career. In other cases, um, not so much.

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Only time will tell what comes next following this particular rumored sex tape.

Keep reading to find a sample of the emotions expressed by Black Twitter, which had plenty to say about the social media rumor and very much unconfirmed existence of a Jill Scott sex tape.

Social Media Rumor About Alleged Jill Scott Sex Tape Breaks The Internet  was originally published on

1. Shame

2. Religious

3. Determination

4. Protective

5. Karen tactics

6. Anger

7. Desperation

8. Comedy

9. Surreptitious

10. Frustration

11. Artistic

12. Realizing the inevitable