Toni Braxton just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to her finances. According to reports, the legendary singer is being accused of refusing to pay $125k in back state taxes, just two two years after a judge discharged her massive $10 million debt in her second bankruptcy case. Official records filed in California on […]

Is Tyga In His Feelings? According to Blac Chyna, Tyga has been making her life hell since she began a relationship with Rob Kardashian.  Allegedly, Tyga only communicates with Chyna via email and is seeking custody of their son, King.  The word is, the couple makes parental decisions by communicating through the Nanny. Apollo Nida […]

Mr. "I Got Money," aka 50 Cent, has not sold his Connecticut mansion, contrary to recent reports.

Allegedly, 50 Cent is in $30 million of debt and selling the Connecticut estate will help him to save a reported $70K per month.

We can’t even imagine having $10 million+ in the bank, and we certainly can’t imagine losing that much money. But ironically enough, it sometimes seems like those…

50 Cent explains that filing for bankruptcy in his case was a protective move.

50 Cent left everyone gasping earlier today when news broke that he filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Following losing a lawsuit to Rick Ross’ baby…