1/2/17- Comedian Chris Paul has a poem for 2016 and reminds us why we should all feel blessed to see 2017. Listen above!

  1/2/17- Missed any of the NFL games this weekend? Comedian Chris Paul breaks down the latest rankings in the league with a little help from an old favorite from TI. Listen!  

  12/15/16- Find out just how much Kevin Durant still loves OKC, what medicine gave men breasts and why Comedian Chris Paul is comparing Blac Chyna to a Range Rover. Listen!

12/12/16 – Chris Paul wraps up week 14 on the NFL season. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

  12/9/16- How fed up with fake news is Hillary Clinton? Comedian Chris Paul reveals the real answer and exposes the wicked witch of the Kardashians. Listen above!  

  12/9/16- Comedian Chris Paul has a holiday tune just in time for the Christmas season. You have got to hear this one!

10/7/16- Comedian Chris Paul is hailing the men that robbed Kim K as international heroes. Find out why and how POTUS may be preferred over sex.

  10/6/16- What would happen if Dolly Parton and Snoop Dogg got together on a record? The country singer wants to partner up with the rapper and Comedian Chris Paul has a few ideas for a couple of songs. Also find out who is making a crackhead comeback. Listen above.

9/26/16- A hypocrite with a hair piece? You have to know who Comedian Chris Paul is referring to. Also find out why Hillary Clinton has no beef with Bill’s former sidepiece.

9/15/16- Comedian Chris Paul reveals why more than ever, the devil is a lie ad find out what Hillary is taking for that pain in her a**. Listen above for the funny!