Summer is here and it’s time to travel! Like most women, when I’m prepping my shorts and my swimsuits, I’m also thinking about which beauty goodies will be going along for the journey. Vacation is all about relaxation so I like to keep my vacay beauty routine pretty low key. Keep reading to check out […]

I’m sure most of you have heard that your eyebrows are the frames of your face. This statement could not be more true. When your brows are ‘on’ everything just works. When they’re ‘off’ everything else is shaky. Here are a few brow basics that I think every gal should know… 1. They’re sisters, not […]

We all commit beauty sins everyday. Read on to check out a few of the things we should stop doing right now. Pulling your eye! This puts you on the fast track to bags & sags. Be kind to the skin below your eye. No pulling and tugging when applying eyeliner and other products. Use […]