“It’s a miracle.” Those were the words of a Baltimore family, as their 11-year-old daughter makes history as the first-ever known recipient of a dual liver-pancreas transplant to successfully treat her rare form of childhood cancer. Khloe Cox is a young girl who enjoys gymnastics has had to battle that very rare form of cancer, […]

Sundays are all about a bit of spiritual food to make it through your work week. Tonight I wanted to share tips with you on getting what you want in life. These tips are good for pursuing relationship, career, financial, education and other personal goals. Let’s start winning! CLICK HERE for the full list of […]

What exactly does it take to make love last? There are lots of experts out there, but isn’t more effective to hear from couples that have done it! I found a great article filled with tips from couples that have managed to stay in love for decades. CLICK HERE for the full list of tips […]

Tonight was all about winning the Magic Friday Flyaway qualifier and of course free Power Ball tickets. I decided to keep the fun rolling along by asking you for your most WINNING advice when it comes to love. Check out some great listener tips below: Give it 100% or don’t awake the soul Be honest […]