To help users understand the content shows up on their timelines from friends, Pages, and Groups the follow, Facebook introduced its latest feature called “Why am I seeing this post?” on Sunday (Mar.31). The company announced that the “Why am I seeing this post?” feature would be the first time the company built information on […]

Facebook can’t seem to get anything right as of late but finally has taken a step in the right direction with its latest decision. The social media giant has taken the bold and essential step to ban white nationalism and white separatism on its platform. The ban will also apply to Instagram as well. Motherboard […]

Will shared as Smith’s father-in-law actually suffered a heart attack during his jump. When he landed, he appeared to be unconscious.

There are some annoying people on the internet and especially on Facebook! Those guys that like to comment under ladies pictures “you don’t need all of that makeup.” Women don’t get dressed to please men and women really don’t need or want men to tell them what they need. But, nothing is worse than the […]

The notorious Facebook Live murderer made sure to name drop his ex-girlfriend in the video of him taking 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr.’s life. Ever since then, people have been wondering who Joy Lane is and what she did to Steve Stephens that caused him to snap. The murderer’s former lover met up with Godwin’s family and […]

Facebook's Vice President of Global Operations, Justin Osofsky, released a statement announcing the platform's intentions to modify processes.

The victim's mother says that her family has been receiving threats for coming forward and they are afraid to return to home.

An Alabama woman is lucky to be alive – thanks to a Facebook video. A week ago, nursing student Brittany Diggs was forced into the trunk of her own car by a man demanding money. Diggs was terrified, until she remembered watching a Facebook video that explained how to get out of a car trunk […]

More changes headed to Facebook! The social site is trying out a dislike button for Messenger chats. The new thumbs-down emoji is one of several being tested. Others include an emoji with hearts for eyes to mean love and an open-mouthed emoji to say “wow.” Reportedly, you will not be able to “dislike” content posted […]

The member of gospel group Mary Mary took to Facebook to explain why she supports the new president and why we should all pray for him.