gay marriage

Dr. Ben Carson has taken his failed presidential candidate talents elsewhere. Last week, the former neurosurgeon spoke at the Pensmore National Symposium on Religious Liberty and suggested that America is at the height of violent unrest due to the legalization of same-sex marriage. At the conference, the Seventh-day Adventist Christian told conservatives to fight against an ‘ever-growing government’ for […]

Now that same-sex marriage is legal, they want to have their adoption reversed.

A county clerk refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples … a Muslim flight attendant refuses to serve liquor on her flights — should people be able to refuse to do their jobs based on their religious beliefs? Sure they can. And the company they work for should’ve be able to not pay them […]

Muhammad Ali was a conscientious objector to the Viet Nam war. He once famously said, “I ain’t got nothing against no Viet Cong; no Viet…

Kim Davis, the Kentucky woman who had been refusing marriage licenses to gay couples despite the law is now locked up.

Potential new bill could allow employers to punish women for having children out of wedlock.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court cleared the way Monday for an immediate expansion of same-sex marriage by unexpectedly and tersely turning away appeals from…

Roland Martin talks with journalist Yoruba Richen about her documentary “The New Black” which explores gay marriage in the black community and the black church.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Facing heightened expectations from gay rights supporters, the Obama administration is considering urging the Supreme Court to overturn California’s ban on gay…

The Supreme Court could finally put the question of same-sex marriage to rest next year. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in California’s Prop 8 case Hollingsworth v. Perry, and the federal Defense of Marriage Act also known as DOMA. Prop 8 was a voter-approved referendum to ban same-sex marriage despite state court rulings allowing […]