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A county clerk refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples … a Muslim flight attendant refuses to serve liquor on her flights — should people be able to refuse to do their jobs based on their religious beliefs?

  • Sure they can. And the company they work for should’ve be able to not pay them each time they don’t do what they were hired for.
  • Yes. You can refuse to work but keep in mind that your employer has the right to fire you over insubordination.
  • No I still got to teach that racist parent’s kid
  • I’m a nurse I can’t refuse to do my job, it doesn’t matter if I’m called everything but a child of God I still have to suck it up and keep moving. If you can’t do your job they’re plenty of people who will
  • Umm no there are job titles and responsibilities for that job if you have certain stipulations for your own personal beliefs you need not to apply… It’s a customer service job you attend to people of all cultures and back grounds if you can’t deal with your line of work clearly you need to find a new job
  • If jobs allowed all their employees to refuse to do a duty due to their religious beliefs, I don’t think anyone would be working on Sundays. It is a delicate situation but if you are adamant about not doing your job because of your beliefs then search for another job that fits with your convictions.
  • Nope. Leave your personal issues at home. Check your coat and your troubles at the door as they say.