Could your husband decide to be a house husband? He takes on all the home responsibilities while you work.  He could if he wanted to live in his own house and without my money!!!I can work and take care of a house so can he. I don’t care where he works as long as it […]

Mondays are always rough. Getting back to work and your daily routine can be depressing for some. There are things you can do to Mondays go over easier. CLICK HERE for the full list of tips that I shared for making Mondays work for you.

Sundays I flip the show to focus on Loving Your Spirit. This week I offered up some tips for maintaining your focus at work. CLICK HERE for the full list of tips.

It is Sunday night and I try to give you spiritual food for your work week. We have all had those moments on a job that are stressful and that seem to take any joy out of the day. Here is a link to the full list of tips for getting rid of stress on […]

Not appearing professional and polished can limit opportunities to advance in your career. I

Keke Palmer continues to give us more reasons to love her. The 22-year-old is steadily showing the world she’s a triple threat that acts, sings, and dances. In the latest of her dancing chronicles, Palmer returns with a choreographed video to Rihanna and Drake‘s number one hit, “Work.” While Keke puts in work, smoke fills the […]

Sundays are all about getting your spirit some love! Here is the full list of tips on striking a work and life balance. CLICK HERE 

A county clerk refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples … a Muslim flight attendant refuses to serve liquor on her flights — should people be able to refuse to do their jobs based on their religious beliefs? Sure they can. And the company they work for should’ve be able to not pay them […]