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Could your husband decide to be a house husband? He takes on all the home responsibilities while you work. 

  • He could if he wanted to live in his own house and without my money!!!I can work and take care of a house so can he. I don’t care where he works as long as it is legal-you have to have a job. If you like to clean the house on top of it -cool!
  • Absolutely, actually I am trying to convince him to consider the idea. I have been career driven all of my adult life so the idea of me giving that all up is pretty hard. If he wanted to I would understand.
  • Not In my house he can’t. The man is supposed to be the provider and head of the household. If I gotta work so does he.
  • I am a Housewife and I tell my husband I want to retire him and now he can cook, clean, run errands, go on field trips, doctor appointments, etc., etc….I wouldn’t mind switching roles and come home to what my husband comes home to
  • Been there done this!!! Never again!!!!
  • I know a woman who commutes quite a ways to work, is married and has an 8 year old. He’s a house husband. It works for them. Her job security/income was too great to walk away from.
  • I don’t desire to be a house husband but i find the comments of what a man is supposed to be and do very telling. Let the reverse come up and men say where a woman is supposed to be and what she is supposed to do. Misogyny, Patriarchy, Sexism…. oh i’m sure there are some women that would be cool with the role, but let a man come in here and say that is her job. Then we wonder why the sexes are at odds.
  • Yes he could but he refused. Only lasted 4 months with the triplets then ran back to work

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