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Love Drama Sunday — They have been married 10 years. He used to be a teacher, but hated it. He recently turned his gym time into a full-time job. She wants him to quit being a personal trainer because women will not leave him alone. He wants to keep training because he enjoys the work. What should he do?

  • He should keep training. She has to do something with her own insecurity
  • Be prepared to find another woman. If he loves what he does it won’t work. Happens all the time.
  • Boxing people in Does Not bring or supply security or self esteem. If the only way to be secure is to monitor a person you have already lost. No one should Have to work in a field they Dont want to if they have lucrative options. He should be respectful and trustworthy. If he is, any female should Not be a concern.
  • As long as he ain’t cheating he should stay….she should change her career and run his gym if she’s that insecure
  • Why can’t they become partners?
  • You can never become wealthy working for someone else. She needs to just support him as a Business owner.
  • If his Passion is to be a personal trainer and it’s bringing money in to pay the bills, support that Brotha! If he is a personal trainer, I am guessing he is probably a fit Brotha. He is his own “Brand” and he has to promote that, which people will find appealing. You wouldn’t go to a hair salon and get your hair done, if the hairdresser’s hair looked a mess would you? Trust the Brotha that you married to keep the women/clients in Check! You married him him because you found him attractive and you love him. And YOU GOT HIM! Remember that others may find him attractive, but he is your man.
  • Give his wife a cup of confidence and self esteem.
  • Support his career choice and he should invite her to become active in training that way she can participate. A marriage is a unit, even when she’s insecure. Work with each others weaknesses and support each others strengths.
  • As long as he’s being faithful, I don’t see a problem with him doing what he loves to do!
  • I honestly believe that if he had respects his marriage he will do the necessary things to keep the marriage working.

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