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The Omarion challenge is taking over the Internet. Everyone is throwing on their long red coats and taking a stab at Omarion's viral choreography. We're most impressed by gospel superstar Kirk Franklin's epic rendition.

All jokes aside mental illness is real family. Kirk Franklin’s son 33-year-old Kerrion, went viral when he leaked a phone call where Kirk light weight cussed him. Kerrion attempt to put his his award winning gospel artist father, Kirk Franklin, on viral blast ended up being a trash can lid turner on himself when people […]

Kirk Franklin and Lil Baby are releasing a new single "We Win" from the soundtrack of the upcoming, reimagined film Space Jam: A New Legacy starring LeBron James. Let's take a look at some of Kirk Franklin's classic Gospel hits over the years that have an obvious musical influence from the genres of Hip Hop and R&B.

In an interview with Tamron Hall, Kirk Franklin discussed the nature of his relationship with his son, how he learned about the audio being leaked and how they’re dealing with the challenge.

The Gospel star and his son, Kerrion Franklin, have apparently been at odds but Kennedy Franklin says her dad isn't in the wrong.

Times have changed as it pertains to sexuality as well as peoples personal gender freedoms being accepted in the open, closet doors were kicked wide open. However the one place that the closet door has stayed just a little cracked is in the church and to some Bible thumpers the LGBTQ community is an abomination. […]

Gospel legend Kirk Franklin, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, is launching his very own podcast that will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. The show is expected to deliver deep conversations with some of our favorite celebrities.

When Mr. Riley bowed out of his battle against Babyface, the people weren't pleased.

Welp, they have gone and done it. The Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Dove Awards edited Kirk Franklin’s acceptance speech twice and he is livid. He has decided that until the network can get it together that he will no longer participate in anything that the network has going on. During his speeches he spoke […]

Kirk Franklin doesn’t dwell on how others perceive him. He is here to walk in his purpose and be of service, which means creating music that uplifts and guides his listeners. He is a conduit and remains so by staying connected to God. The minister of music is promoting his latest album Long Live Love […]