Rappers and prison is a trend that really needs to stop. Currently, there are numerous rap artists stuck on involuntary vacations for a plethora of reasons, great and small. While plenty are in jail for something like parole violation, others are locked up on more heinous charges, like murder. Keep this in mind when proclaiming […]

Mahershala Ali is a multitalented guy. He’s starred in the acclaimed movie Moonlight, posed in a Calvin Klein campaign, and of course, won an Oscar. But before all this, Ali had bars for the hip-hop fans. In the mid-2000s, while he was still a graduate student at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Ali also served as […]

If First Lady Michelle Obama was a rapper, what do you think her stage name would be? Lady O works for us! RELATED: Kendrick Lamar Tops the First Family’s List of Favorites She served up a bunch “O” in a “Go to College” campaign filmed at the White House. Just when you thought she couldn’t […]

Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, former CEO of Death Row Records, is under fire again as attention is redirected towards a HIV/AIDS joke he made over a decade ago about N.W.A…

The saying goes, “He who laughs last, laughs loudest.” And as far as last night’s private concert was concerned, Jay-Z had the biggest laugh. As…

    New Video features 10 minutes of an six hour performance at Chelsea Pace Gallery  in NYC.  The video originally premiered following Jay Z’s appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher. See how many celebrity faces you can identify in this amazing video.  

Today rapper/ actor LL CooL J turns 45-years-old. The lip licking rapper had his first album go platinum back in 1985. The rapper brought sexy to rap when his B-boy brought the female audience to rap. LL has had one of few lasting careers of rappers from the 80’s. How has he managed to stay […]