thought of the day

“Love is on the lips of many but in the hearts of few.”

Often times my thought of the day is original but there are times, I come across thoughts from others that resonate with me.  So often we want to control our own destinies.  We tend to view loss as a negative event when, in reality, loss is merely God’s way of stripping you to make room […]

Protect your energy at all costs. Energy is life. Anyone or anything that threatens that has got to go.

“Fake booty ain’t real!”  This is an unfair statement but an honest thought. People should do what makes them happy and, as a woman that has worn fake hair and fake nails, I have no room to talk. But it’s like nowadays fake gets more love than real.  There is nothing wrong with appreciating beauty, […]

If you look deep enough, there’s a bright spot in every grey day. In fashion and in LIFE, be creative and find yourself a pop…