Comedian Chris Paul has entertained the Tom Joyner Morning Show audience with his daily Morning Minute for years! He realizes that all of the years spent on the TJMS have been vital for the growth in his comedic career. He explained, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity. And speaking […] There’s nothing quite like sitting down with your close girlfriends and catching up on everything happening in each other’s lives. During the 2019 Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion, we had our own version of this with AARP’s “Real Girl Talk” seminar with Sybil Wilkes and AARP’s Dionne Polite. The duo discussed everything from friendships […]

The Tom Joyner Morning Show introduced listener favorite Rickey Smiley as the successor to the morning anchor position established by Tom over the course of 25 years. Joyner, who is retiring at the end of the year, acknowledged that Smiley has established himself as a trusted leader on-air and in the community with his current show, […]

3/10/17- Happy Lavell Crawford Friday! The TJMS crew run through the morning’s headlines including an update on Faizon Love’s airport brawl, the retailer celebrating an epic birthday and find out what actress used to be a phone sex operator. Listen below.

1/24/17- It’s a Lavell Crawford kind of Tuesday on the TJMS! Find out about the funny man’s new bit, The Fat Man’s Corner, why the Devil Worshipers for Trump make him nervous and much more! Listen below.

  1/5/17- It’s Friday eve or what we like to call Sherri Shepherd Thursday! Find out what really happened at Ricky Harris‘ funeral and find out why she made headlines. Listen above!

TJMS: If You Missed It

  1/2/17- The all new TJMS is back! Find out how Tom, Sybil and comedian Damon Williams spent the last few days of 2016 and why anything was better than what Mariah Carey did on national television. Listen above.


NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown and a number of other former NFL stars met with President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday.

TJMS: If You Missed It

  12/9/16- Comedian Roy Wood Jr. is taking a spin in the funny show this chilly Friday! Find out why he says fighting crazy with crazy is the only way to stop Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Listen above!

TJMS: If You Missed It

  12/8/16- Kym Whitley joins the TJMS crew on Sherri Shepherd Thursday! Find out why only the fake hair sisters are sticking together and Sybil is on the outs.