Van Jones

Jones, a CNN pundit and former aide to President Barack Obama, kept his involvement in Trump's police reform initiative secret.

These celebrities totally kicked 2016's ass.

These celebrities totally kicked 2016's ass.

During Thursday's edition of NewsOne Now, guest host Van Jones and the day's panel of guests discussed the sentencing and the egregious disparities in justice this case has exposed when punishing politicians for wrong-doing.

NewsOne Now guest host and friend of the artist Van Jones said, "I know exactly the smile and exactly the strut that he would have had" knowing the Eiffel Tower in France and Niagara Falls were lit with purple lights to honor him.

Van Jones joined Roland Martin Thursday on “NewsOne Now” to discuss the new book, “Reach: 40 Black Men Speak on Living, Leading, and Succeeding.” The…

There’s so much wrong with this case in Ferguson concerning the murder of Mike Brown, we don’t even know where to start. CNN correspondant, Van…