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Now required to wear an electronic device that will track his every move George Zimmerman, nevertheless, was described by his attorneys as “buoyant“.  Imagine that …  charged with second degree murder in the highly publicized case and wrongful death of Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman is said to be cheerful and optimistic. WOW, apparently a portion of America, land of equal justice for all are wrongfully celebrating the accused with financial support.

Proudly and rather boastfully a fundraiser has been generated through social media (a George Zimmerman website used to solicit private donations for his trial). Is the public wrong to lend financial support in this case especially when some of the monies have been misappropriated with hidden totals reported.

Should this type of public fundraiser even be legal. My opinion is absolutely not! Those who have donated to this type of defense fund may very well be capable of the same type of criminal mind-set.

Favoritism of people in high positions will not outweigh justice. Nor will the murderous mind of a George Zimmerman be applauded and hailed as a hero.

Yet even more offensively his attorneys concluded by saying  “Certainly it’s been a sobering experience being in that kind of environment.”

Sadly enough, we can’t ask Trayvon Martin what death feels like because in the form as we know it there’s no coming back after death!

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