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I’m not a gun enthusiast. I don’t own a gun. But I have stood with the folks here in America who beleive in our 2nd Amendment rights.(thats the one us that gives us the right to own guns.)

Now it’s clear that the present system isn’t working. The evidence was there before now. But we Americans love our freedoms. It’s come to the point where we have abused our freedoms and others are now doing the same.

The negative effects of guns on our “free” society are too numerous to mention. But anytime people go to watch a movie and are shot dead. Some thing is very wrong. It will take a long time to get guns under control in the USA. It will be hard to do. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it . We just need to get started. If we had started 13 years ago , right after colombine, perhaps those folks in the movie theater would be alive today.