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I’ve thought about the steroid issue in sports for a long time now, and I really don’t care if an athlete takes “performance enhancing” substances. Hell, water is performance enhancing. If there was a pill that would allow ME to win the olympics, then that should be outlawed. But I watch to see people who have devoted their life to a sport, compete against other people who have done the same. It’s

a form of entertainment. Should actors be disqualified from the Oscars because they’ve had cosmetic surgery ? Don’t look now, but some of you have sports heroes who are on steroids, and just haven’t been caught.(yet) All the Olympians say the drug test they give them is a joke and easy to beat.

Botton line, I much rather watch an exciting 100m Dash then a boring congressional hearing that has no intention of imposing real change.

Remeber when they dragged all those Baseball players in front of congress and everyone of them said no to steroid use. Everyone of them turned out to be lying. What did Congress do ? They fined them for lying to Congress, and there were no sanctions for the steroid use. A complete waste of time,

because Congress doesn’t care either.

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