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December 1st is World AIDS Day. What will you do on World AIDS Day?  Will you wear a red ribbon, wear red, go get tested, or take someone else to go get tested? As all of these are important to help raise awareness and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, its important to educate.

World AIDS Day was established to raise awareness about the AIDS pandemic caused by the HIV virus. As the infection rate increases, awareness is our first line of defense to save lives. It is important for everyone to have basic knowledge of  how the disease is spread/ contracted,  past statistics, current statistics,effective treatment and how to protect oneself.

When you support World AIDS Day you support all of the components needed to educate the world on the AIDS pandemic. You can provide financial support or physical support for and AIDS effort in your community, city, state, or country on Dec 1st or year round. If you find a way to help or support on World AIDS  share it with your friends. Take to Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking/ social media outlet. Why? This gives others the opportunity to join and support.

Its imperative to share knowledge that can help others.

Here are some current facts about AIDS and how its effecting us all (Via:

In 2011, an estimated:

  • 34 million [31.4 million – 35.9 million] people globally were living with HIV
  • 2.5 million [2.2 million – 2.8 million] people became newly infected with HIV
  • 1.7 million [1.5 million – 1.9 million] people died from AIDS-related illnesses

In honor of World AIDS Day  Free HIV Testing will be held on  December 3 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Towson Health Center, with results in 20 minutes. No appointment necessary. For more info CLICK HERE

For more information on World AIDS Day visit:

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