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Is been a long time dispute and fight for royalties for Ola Ray in her music video debut of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The album was a worldwide success. Thriller was the best album of the decade and the first of its kind. Helping to break racial barriers on MTV. It also defined Michael Jackson as a Pop Icon.
But what about Ola Ray,  former Playboy Playmate and ex girlfriend of actor and former athlete (football Star), Jim Brown. She was cast in a dream role to play Michael Jackson’s love interest in Thriller.  Often, I wondered was there an actual off scene romance. Among some rare footage, Ola Ray had this to say … believe it or not:

According to claims by Ola Ray she was supposed to receive a percentage of the profits generated by the music video, Thriller.   In one lawsuit filed against Michael Jackson and The Screen Actors Guild settlement was reached. Ola Ray received  $10,000 by the Screen Actors Guild. By the controversy fight for royalties continued until now.
Ola Ray, settled with Michael Jackson’s  estate to received$75,000 minus attorney fees for her role as Mike’s girlfriend in the “Thriller” video.

“Everyone thinks I made millions, but I don’t care … I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Director John Landis also filed a lawsuit against the estate alleging he and producer George Folsey Jr, were owed  $2.3 million A confidential settlement by Jackson’s estate reached