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More extreme right-wing rhetoric on the topic of same-sex marriage from John Hopkins gifted  Professor of Neurosurgery Dr. Ben Carson. The good doctor recently and clearly compared gay people/marriage to that of  “NAMBLA” (North American Man/Boy Love Association) and “people who believe in bestiality.”

In February, 2013 as Guest Speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast with president Obama seated nearby Carson excised freedom of speak with very conservative views perhaps offending The President as he chipped away at Obamacare, the national debt and other issues that were inappropriate at that time in especially as guest speaker.

Ben Carson has become the new hero of the Republican Party an educated black man from a single parent home who grow up in the projects of Detroit.

So has Ben Carson, a Black Man joined the GOP’s shameless prejudicial thinking that has become an enemy of the country’s progression forward as a super power … I THINK SO!