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This story is truly a miracle three women who disappeared in Cleveland a decade ago were found being held captive Monday at the run-down house. The women were rescued after neighbor Charles Ramsey  heard a girl scream. He ran from his living room,  to the house and helped free a woman identified as Amanda Berry.

“Amanda said, ‘I’ve been trapped in here. He won’t let me out. It’s me and my baby.” Ramsey and another neighbor Angel Cordero broke down the door rushed over to the house after hearing screams and discovered Berry trying to push her way out of a small opening in the doorway.

Ramsey says he then knocked the door down and a scared, nervous Berry came rushing  and used the neighbor’s telephone to call 911.

“Help me. I’m Amanda Berry,” she breathlessly told a dispatcher in a call that exhilarated and astonished much of the city. “I’ve been kidnapped, and I’ve been missing for 10 years and I’m, I’m here, I’m free now.”

Berry, 27, Michelle Knight, 32, and Gina DeJesus, about 23, had apparently been held captive in the house since their teens or early 20s. A 6-year-old girl believed to be Berry’s daughter also was found in the home, police Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said.

Three brothers, ages 50 to 54, were arrested. One of them, former school bus driver Ariel Castro, owned the home, situated in a poor neighborhood dotted with boarded-up houses just south of downtown. No charges were filed.


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