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 “I’m Amanda Berry. I’ve been on the news for the last 10 years.”


Safely Returned From The House Of Human Horror but the mental and physical damage my be ongoing as one of the three young women has already fallen victim to mental dilapidation and physical frailty. Michelle Knight, remains in a Cleveland hospital for somewhat of a pre-existing  mental health condition, that could only become more severe.

A decade of captivity, help separately against their will as children now young adults, bound with ropes and chains these women have suffered from being constantly raped, beaten with massive mistreatment.

Amanda Berry, gave birth to a daughter while held captive, she is now six years old. Gina DeJesus, gave the first account of her abduction … stating she was on her way home from school one day in 2004 when a man pulled up in a van and said, “You need a ride? I’ll give you a ride home from school.”

Much thanks to neighbor Charles Ramsey,because of him these three women are free today. Unlike others, he did something to change the plight of these young women and child.

Both Berry and DeJesus arrived home today to waiting family and a large community of friends cheering and reporters.

The investigation continues as charges are brought against the three Castro brothers.

Berry is now 27, DeJesus 23 and Knight 32.

A daring escape and a dramatic 911 call led to the rescue of three women who allegedly had been held captive for years inside a home in Cleveland.

McGrath said that the house, a shabby, two-story dwelling on Cleveland’s West Side, had come to the attention of police only twice — in 2000, when Ariel Castro called about a fight on the street, and in 2004, when Castro, a school bus driver, had left behind one of his passengers.

The chief’s account conflicts with that of at least one neighbor, Israel Lugo, who told MSNBC on Tuesday that he called the police in 2011 after his sister spotted a woman with a baby in the home, banging on the window “like she wants to get out.”

McGrath said that his department would have a record of such a call and that there was none. He said that he was “absolutely confident” that his officers did not miss a chance to free the three women.

Ariel Castro, 52, was accused in 2005 of attacking his former wife, The Plain Dealer newspaper reported. Her lawyer at the time said that although the ex-wife had custody of their children, Castro “frequently abducts daughters and keeps them from mother,’’ the newspaper reported.

Khalid Samad, a community organizer, told NBC News that Castro had accompanied him on searches for the missing women.

A cousin of the three men, Maria Castro Montes, told NBC News that the family never had reason to suspect the three brothers, who she said had grown more distant from the family in recent years.

“We are just so sorry for everything that they had to endure,” she said of the three kidnapped women, “and we want them to know that if they ever need anything, we are here for them.”

First lady Michelle Obama told NBC News that the kidnappings were “probably a parent’s worst nightmare.”

“These families are going to have to wrap their arms around these young women and make sure that they get all the help and support they need so that they will go on and lead healthy, normal lives,” she told TODAY. “We’re just grateful that they’re safe.”