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It looks like the “Preachers of L.A” castmate Deitrick Haddon is about to endure even more “persecution” after nude photos and text messages from his past affair have surfaced online. not only posted the photos and emails Haddon was sending to his mistress, but scrolling further down Haddon is shown displaying his “holy jewels”.

Deitrick Haddon Responds to TD Jakes: “I Was Shocked” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Allegedly the photos, emails and nude pics were all sent from his mistress he cheated on his first wife with.

To remind you, these photos are from 2008 and since then, Haddon has divorced his first wife, re-married a woman named Dominique and the two also have a child but still, this isn’t a good look for him!

Being on reality shows will expose EVERYTHANG and while Haddon is focusing on his comeback he talked about on the first episodebeing apart of an nude photo scandal surely isn’t a way to convince your congregation that you have been changed.

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