Opened Tuesday’s show with this question — Should you work with your lover?

  • Work romance  never worked for me… If it doesn’t work out it may become uncomfortable for both parties… Somebody told me not to get my meat where I get my bread lol
  • No-I have done it and it is horrible!
  • Yeah if can work between the two ppl and not let work interfere with the love then it’s a good thing
  • No ma’am! It seems that too often in that lover/employer relationship things become meshed! There’s no boundaries, example: Home is home and Work is work!
  • Unsung Cruise
  • nope I learned my lesson when I was got real ugly..I would never talk to nobody that I work with again and my life I don’t care how good they look.
  • I dated a VP when I was working at Fannie Mae that cause a lot of problems people thought I got a raise because of her.  And when we broke up it was bad becaue people kept talking.
  • As long as there’s a line of repect and work ethic, it doesn’t matter.


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