During the Back in the Day Buffet we had a battle between two actors that recently performed as Nelson Mandela on film — Terrance Howard and Idris Elba.

Who is the better Mandela?

  • I love me some Terrence, but gotta go with Idris on this one. He just looks more of a natural in this role. Not to mention — I’m just way more partial to Idris Elba. He’s THE MAN!!!!!!!!
  • Terrance, the lightskin brothers need some love
  • Elba – First he handsome, but besides that I think hes a great actor who can capture the real meaning of the movie & its sentimental value
  • Elba – I think is best he sets the high standards for acting in that position skin tone shouldn’t matter but since it’s a movie his skin tone is close to Mandela as possible. Overall a better actor



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