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The Morning Conversation was all about — Should you have a baby over 40?

  • I think to each their own. I can see being equipped as you get older BUT I had twins at 36 & underestimated what starting over again would truly be like.
  • I am already 35 and about to get married tomorrow, and have a 12 yr old and we would love to bring a healthy baby into the world! But after 40 you have to be cautious of the complications of having a baby.
  • sure..I like older women and I  don’t have any if she wanted to go for it cool..let’s do it.. and more females are settled around that age
  • I have a girlfriend 42 getting ready to deliver her first child. She’ll be 50 dragging a kid to elementary school while I’m relaxing and enjoying 50’s.
  • I’m 38. I have been trying for 10 years to conceive.. If I meet success at 40, 50 or 60 I will take it!
  • Women over 40 are having healthy babies, I say go for it.  We all had that friend in high school that had parents that were old enough to be their grand parents, sisters and brothers that were old enough to be their parents, and nieces and nephews their age or older.  Medicine and times has changed plus parents are more stable at that age.