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Ludacris is trying to limit the amount of child support he is going to pay for his new son. Our Morning Conversation was all about child support:


Is child support really about what the child needs or how much you can get from the paying parent?

  • It should be about the needs of the child, however some women make it about what they can get with the money!! Also some not all but some women are so bitter over the breakup, or whatever the case may be, they are out for blood!!
  • Support is decided based on income of the paying parent for the ‘average Joe’ and should be the same for the Multimillionaire.  Some parents make due with $80.00 a week for their children because that’s what the paying parent can provide. Earn more, pay more.
  • Child support should be about the needs of the child. It should NOT be about taking care of the custodial parent.
  • Child support should be based on the child’s needs but the child of a millionaire is not going to live like that of a blue-collar parent. Therefore it’s based upon parental income. Ludacris is lying. Isn’t the Fast and Furious franchise pulling in $500 million worldwide? He should be ashamed for even TRYING to pull that BS. If he was a millionaire when he got with chick, he needs to be a millionaire parent and pay out.

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