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Our Afternoon Dish question was this:

Can a boy play with dolls and girls trucks?

  • Yes it matters… I think gender roles are important- especially at that age. Once an adult, the maturity is there to understand was lines can be blurred and which ones should not. A lady should be a lady and a man should conduct himself as a man and it’s starts in the home.
  • Boys can play with dolls too….shouldn’t they practice being fathers and vice versa….let kids be kids
  • My son won’t play with dolls.
  • Action figures yea like He-man GIJoe for boys  n its cool for girls to play wit cars n tools they should know how to fix things as well
  • Gender is determined by society. Let kids play with whatever they want to play with; it has no bearing on sexuality
  • truth is a toy is a toy BUT theyy shape gender identity. thus there should be a good balance as to not over masculate girls and over feminate boys.

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