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52 year old empty nester has been dating agreat white guy for a year and the realtionship is getting serious and she is getting nervous. She wants to know if she should throw him back for a black guy?

Your Advice:

  • She waited 52 years…how much longer is she going to wait? lol she should appreciate what she has!
  • AS A BLACK MAN I SAY if you are treated well, respected by and interested in, ANY man pursue it.
  • To each it’s own. If that is the person she likes and wants to be with, who am I or anybody else to judge. She can’t worry about anyone else or she is going to miss out on a good thing
  • Absolutely not! If he is a man and treats her well. And if she really likes him then race shouldn’t b an issue

My Advice:

She should stay with what is working! Why throw away the good on the “hope” for a better black man. There are wonderful black men out there, but her romantic blessing is a white one and she should run with that! 



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