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Christopher Brown Law Passes 

Christopher’s Law Finally Passed This Year in Maryland General Assembly and now it’s awaiting the governor’s signature. The legislation requires police officers to be trained in CPR, cultural sensitivity, the proper use of force, and interacting with the physically and mentally disabled. The bill was is name after Christopher Brown a 17 year old was killed in a June 2012 altercation with a Baltimore County police officer put the teen in a choke hold. Browns father says this bill will ensure that police officers are trained in life-saving techniques. He believes if the officer knew CPR at that time, her son could have been saved.

Celebrity Wife Swap With Jermaine Jackson 

Jermaine Jackson will be swapping families on the hit reality show “Celebrity Wife Swap.” Jackson will swap families with Daniel Baldwin who is the younger brother of Alec Baldwin and an actor. Baldwin said, “The experience was pretty smooth sailing”. Not so much for Jermaine Jackson he refused to cooperate with one the household rules the other wife set in place. His action briefly shut down production and he cut off contact with producers after filming wrapped.


Transgender Teacher Gets Job Back

A transgender substitute teacher will return to the classroom in Texas after a community meeting was held to see whether or not the transgender Laura Jane Klug should keep her job with the district. Within a few hours after meeting the Superintendent and trustees, voted that the district must do what’s right according to the law, and the district welcomed Klug back into the classroom.




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