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Don’t ever clean your makeup brushes!? Not only are you rubbing bacteria all over your skin but you’re also rubbing that same bacteria into the products you love. Each time you neglect to clean up your act and scrub those brushes, you’re exposing yourself to BREAKOUT city!!

Grossed out yet? Good!

Here’s the deal, as a rule of thumb, you should wash your beauty tools weekly. Wet them and work some antibacterial soap or baby shampoo into a lather. Swirl your brushes in the lather until the water runs clean. Focus your cleaning efforts on the brush hairs and avoid submerging the entire brush in water. Lay them flat to dry.

Keep your face and your products clean and do yourself a favor… clean those brushes!!

Don’t remember the last time your brushes got a scrub down!? No time like the present ☺

Contributed by Danielle Lewis Beauty