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The fire challenge is the latest dumb challenge that some of our teenagers are taking on online. What type of challenges would you like to see our kids take on?

  • Who can read the most books over the summer vacation
  • Putting the guns down stop killing all these babies 
  • Community service, reading books and writing reports for comprehension
  • Spirituality challenge… I’m tired of them wasting brain cells thinking of stupid things. Social media has ruined the youth and society. Stupid stuff gets you noticed
  • Have  straight A challenge….. Never miss a day of school challenge….
  • Community Projects … Having dreams for a career…Embracing each other not killing each other…Finishing school
    Having fun
  • The challenge of staying in school, off the street, out of gangs, going to college, stop killing eachother, reading some books, going to church, and having respect.



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