THE BUZZ! HARVARD GRAD CALLS FOR 3,000 BLACK WOMEN WITH HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS TO HELP HER SET A WORLD RECORD First up Jen Franks Ahaghotu, a black woman, CEO and Harvard graduate is championing the potential of Black women’s education and how far they can go. And she is calling on 3,000 black women with at least […]

THE BUZZ! NBA Players Clap Back at U.S. Track Star Noah Lyles’ ‘World Champion’ Comments Next, US track star Noah Lyles is feeling good after his 3 gold medal showing at the recent world championships in Budapest. So good that he spoke out about other athletes in sports calling themselves world champions, more specifically, NBA […]

THE BUZZ! Keke Palmer Teases Usher Collab ‘Boyfriend’ amid Relationship Drama with Darius Jackson Next, Usher and Keke Palmer take things further. The two made headlines after her on stage escapade with Usher during his Las Vegas residency. One that led to Keke’s boyfriend taking offense to her cozying up to the R&B star. He publicly criticized […]

THE BUZZ!   Carlee Russell Fired From Job At Spa As Investigation Continues To Play Out, Boyfriend Asks Public To Stop Bullying Her Lastly, Carlee Russell, who was accused of faking her own kidnapping, has been fired from her job at Woodhouse spa in Birmingham, Alabama. The owner of the spa confirmed the termination to […]

THE BUZZ! $7,000 a day for five catchphrases: the TikTokers pretending to be ‘non-playable characters’ First, Human imagination and social media are always generating new trends. Some of these can provide innovative and lucrative revenue streams. For example, as a real person playing a video game character impersonating a human being, you can earn a […]

THE BUZZ!   Burger King Thailand shocks fans with new cheeseburger: ‘Revolting’ Lastly, Are you a fan of cheeseburgers? Well get ready for Burger King’s new The Real Cheeseburger. They launched it in Thailand and it has since gone viral with people flocking to to try it out. The Real cheeseburger differs from a traditional […]

THE BUZZ!   Canada will be the first country to print warning labels on each cigarette: “Poison in every puff” First. Cigarettes in every country come with a warning label notifying of the potential dangers and harm they can cause. Canada is one country who has even banned tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship since 1972. […]

The Buzz!     Zuckerberg announces paid subscription service for Facebook and Instagram The Socials are now costing. That is if you want to the sought after blue check by your user name. Twitter pulled off the paid subscription for users who want to have the verified blue check. It seems Facebook and Instagram are […]

THE BUZZ! Seattle Public Schools sue TikTok, Meta for youth mental health crisis The biggest school district in Seattle is coming for some social media companies. Alleging that they contribute to the mental health crisis of kids. The Seattle Public Schools filed a lawsuit against media companies behind TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat alleging their platforms […]

THE BUZZ! George Floyd’s family may sue Kanye West for claiming death was an overdose  Kanye has been trending for his comments on drink champs. In the episode he said things like George Floyd died from Fentanyl. And that Floyd said a prayer for eight minutes. Adding that the officer found guilty for kneeling on […]