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Facebook and Instagram are steering child predators to kids, New Mexico AG alleges


Speaking of  making a difference.

Social media has made a huge impact on our daily lives.

Some say a negative one

One person is trying to do something about it, they’re suing.

New Mexico Attorney General has sued Meta Platforms and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The lawsuit, based on an undercover investigation, claims Meta prioritizes profits over user safety, allowing child predators to operate freely on their platforms.

Investigators set up fake accounts of fictional teens and preteens, using AI-generated photos. Meta’s algorithms then served up sexual content to these accounts, which were also targeted with explicit messages and propositions from adults. One account, representing a 13-year-old girl, drew thousands of adult followers and received graphic content multiple times a week.

Meta has responded to the lawsuit by claiming that it takes child safety seriously and uses a variety of measures to protect children. Pointing to the removal of 500,000 accounts for violating child safety policies in a single month.

500,000 accounts in violation in one month. That should let you know there is a big problem there.

Protect your kids and monitor their social media.

Source:: CBS