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41 States Sue Meta Alleging Addictive Social Media Features Harm Youth


Meta, parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, faces lawsuits from 41 US states, including Maryland, for allegedly harming children.

The lawsuits allege that Meta knowingly used features on its platforms to engage and addict children, despite claiming the platforms were safe for young users. Meta’s algorithms allegedly push children into harmful content, and features like “infinite scroll” and persistent notifications keep them hooked.

The company faces accusations of violating consumer protection laws and federal privacy laws for children

Early in 2023, the US Surgeon General expressed concern about children using social media, stating that the minimum age of 13 is “too early” and that social media is a “profound risk” for youth. He advised parents to limit their children’s access to social media.

As parents and guardians we really need to be more involved in our kids social media intake. They are exposed to a lot of content that is not helpful for their development.

Source: Complex