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CAM01671This is my current situation. My nail stylist gave me a classy and elegant manicure that is very much in trend. This look would totally work in a professional (non-conservative) office atmosphere.

Now is a super fun time in fashion and style.  For the most part, there are no rules and anything goes (Caveat:  If you step outside the box, you must be able to pull it off).

Several women, including some with conservative style leanings, are venturing out and trying bright colored polish and unusual nail designs.  Fun, right?!  Very fun…until you’re “Ms. Inappropriate” at the office.   It can be difficult to determine how much is “too much” in an office setting.  Realistically, every office has it’s own fashion culture. It’s up to you to gauge how far you can push the envelope without being perceived as unprofessional by your peers, superiors and clients.

Here are a few tips that may help you rock current nail trends in your office.


  • French manicure
  • Natural/neutral polish colors.
  • Keep your nails relatively short.
  • Square, round or oval tips.  NO STILETTO NAILS


  • Avoid extreme colors like bright neons and black polish.
  • Try fun moderate colors like fushia pastels and other colors.
  • Enjoy nail designs but keep them simple and sleek.
  • Keep your nails mid-length to short.
  • Square, round or oval tips.  NO STILETTO NAILS
  • Keep trends moderate and simple.


  • Refrain from anything that is offensive or violates company guidelines.


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