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Tommy FordActor Tommy Ford was served with a restraining order from his baby mama Vanessa Simmons. Simmons is asking for full custody of their son, wants Ford to continue to pay her rent, car note, cell phone, insurance, utilities and medical bills while she stays in his home in Atlanta. This is according to blogger Sandra Rose.

Simmons also wants Ford to pay for her relocation back home to Las Vegas, pay for her personal belongings, vehicle, furniture, air travel for her and their son, her attorney’s fees and court expenses. Wow, is she finished? Not yet. Simmons requested for a temporary protective order.

Sandra Rose also reports that Simmons revealed a simple argument between Ford and his wife Gina Sasso became a three-way confrontation — escalating with the actor yelling, “F*ck both of you b*tches!” This resulted in a minor fight between Simmons and Ford. He shoved her backwards and she threw a Purell hand sanitizer bottle at him. Simmons claims this isn’t the first time Ford physically or verbally abuse her and he also violently beat their son with a belt.