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Last night at Melba’s people kept asing me where I was from because it was “obvious” that I was not from Baltimore. Apparently, I party like a DC girl and not a Baltimore one. Ha! It was a fun night.

I know you are not from Baltimore because ……..

  • U got nice hair. Lol
  • When you “og” are pronounced “ug” dog=dug, frog=frug, log=lug, milk=mirk, street=skreet. We have our own language.
  • You don’t know the West side from the East side, at least I don’t
  • When I ask you what school you attended, you reply with a college and not a high school:-)
  • I Love Chuck and all other Go-Go Music
  • You don’t use the word #whereasthough!
  • You keep asking about The Wire
  • Smile a lot
  • Say “old bay” and not “ol bay”
  • when you do not know where Lexington Market is located and what kind of mess goes on down there lol