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Phaedra & ApolloPhaedra Parks of RHOA isn’t taking husband Apollo Nida’s calls from prison where he is serving an eight-year bid for bank fraud and identity theft, so he’s wrote her a nasty letter about cutting him off.

According to Hollywood Life, Phaedra won’t accept his collect calls from jail, and now he’s firing back at Phaedra from behind bars.

A source close to Phaedra told the website she said, “He’s so childish”. Phaedra said that Apollo called her a b*tch, selfish, fat, conceited, and a wife that ain’t loyal. He even told her that if it wasn’t for their kids, he wouldn’t care if he saw her fat a** ever again. He said it to her in a letter just like that.”

The source also said that Phaedra ripped up the letter and threw it in the garbage after reading the first few lines.


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