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Amber Rose broke the internet this week with her bikini and nude images. While the pictures were beautiful, some felt that as a mom she shouldn’t be showcasing herself this way. Jlo in an interview this week stated that “moms aren’t allowed to be sexy.” I want to know from you — Can a mom be sexy?

  • Jlo need a reality check she’s always half naked lol
  • What’s sexy is a mom that takes ownership of herself. Whatever her sexy is then she has the absolute right to show it off. Judgements are usually from folks that have no hand in taking care of the mom or the children they are attempting to “stand up” for. Do you Boo!!!
  • I’m not a mother or wife, but I think as a woman you should feel good about who you are. Women are multi-faceted, and we have different parts of our personalities we should be allowed to express. All of us are not built like Amber Rose,JLo, Beyonce..but we have our own way to express our individual “sexy”…celebrate the beauty of being a woman.
  • So much judgment these days… smh
  • Sexy is fine but looking like a ratchet hoochie mama is different. If what you’re wearing makes your kids uncomfortable it’s a problem.
  • I don’t look at myself as overtly sexy; but my husband has always told me I’m sexy/sensual person. In my opinion, there’s a difference between sensuality, sexy appeal and selling sex.
  • A mom is a woman…women are naturally sexy…and should embrace it. The body is beautiful. I think it’s absurd to say that a woman who has children has to give up her right to be the sensual and sexy creature that she is. As the giver of life, she has earned the right.

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