Bruce Jenner in an interview admitted that since age 5 he knew he was a woman trapped in the body of a man.

Can you be trapped in the wrong body?

  • I think it is about demons. Demons will confuse you sexually.
  • Definitely! Look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter she physically looks like an adorable little boy and has always dressed and identified and felt like a little boy. I think it is right and healthy that they are letting her go with what you feel; it would be unimaginable to feel like your body trapped you. Keep in mind until kids are taught and given specific roles–gender may not be established until their teens.
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  • No if you feel you are born in the wrong body that’s a psych issue. Most gays do not want to be the opposite sex.
  • If that’s what they feel, then I believe them. There are some things you know intuitively, even as a child. We are all on the pursuit of happiness, who am I or anyone else to interfere?
  • It’s a mental illness it’s called sexual crisis identity disorder.

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