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Rich Dollaz from #LHHNY is locked-up again for not paying child support. He is $188K behind.

Is locking-up a person a good solution to not paying support?


  • It says that he’s $188K behind. As a taxpayer I’m paying for his trifling ass. Screw him. Obviously it’s not bitterness. It’s his no good ass depriving his child
  • How do you get that far behind. if you miss a car payment it’s repossessed right away not $5,000 later
  • Some of the celebrity court ordered payments are ridiculous…but obviously he wasn’t paying any way.
  • The support stops while they’re incarcerated in most states. Both lose.
  • Nope I don’t agree with the jail solution because just by having an arrest record can create another long list of problems that adds to the child support not being paid…A lot of women are too quick to run to the system for child support out of bitterness or to be malicious n I think things would be better if parents could come together n work it out for the best interest of the child/ children …Now don’t get me wrong in many cases you have to do what you have to do as far as getting the system involved to get that parent to do there part but don’t be that parent that is just doing out of spite
  • Fact is to get that far behind he hasn’t been paying for a while and had ample opportunity to pay but chose not to so maybe jail will make him see that it’s not a game. Taking away their freedom maybe the only way. We not talking about if u miss one payment but a blatant disregard to taking care of what’s yours
  • Fair? like the mama not having the support for the child and having to do it all by herself fair? that kind of fair?

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