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Our Battle of the Sexes question of the night — Are pregnant women really sexy or do we just say that to make them feel better?

He Says …

  • I don’t think pregnant women are “sexy” as they are more maternal (and I mean that in a good way). I think they glow. 
  • They are fat … fat  is not sexy even when pregnant
  • There is beauty in motherhood. I dont know about sexiness. Lol. I mean they may happen separately, meaning she may be sexy and so happen to be pregnant but a woman isn’t going to be sexy BECAUSE she is pregnant. Just my opinion. To each their own. I’ve heard of much stanger fetishes. Lol.


She Says …

  • I am almost 9 months pregnant and I definitely sexy and still getting it on … lol!
  • Yes, more men hit on me when I was pregnant. I felt beautiful.
  • No and Yes … you are sexy to the man who got you pregnant because he sees life in you, but in general probably not.

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