Actor Neil Patrick Harris was caught by the cameras yelling at his toddler twins in the streets of New York. A blogger was quick to say that this should be expected because “men are not nurturers.”

What do you think? Can men be nurturing?


He Says …


  • Yes, we can love our kids, but women are just better at it.
  • That is ridiculous. If anyone was parented well, they will be a good parent.
  • There are too many factors to make a generalization like that. I have two sisters so I tend to nurture my children. It’s the way I was raised.
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She Says …

  • Two babies and I was sick after each birth. My husband was their sole caretaker for weeks and excellent at it.
  • My ex-husband was caring to our kids and far more patient with them than I was when they were coming up.
  • My husband does tea parties as well as football. He is a good dad and I love him for it.


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