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Mary Mary Season 4

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Mitch sets his sights on becoming a part of Tina’s new project and gets himself invited to her wedding, which doesn’t sit well with Erica, who considers ditching the ceremony for a career opportunity.


Tina faced an invitation glitch head on. It is proof  that you can  heal. Tina forgave Mitch.  She forgave Teddy. What is the key to forgiving a friend? Balance is a key part of a strong friendship. Friends listen to each other, provide support and make a mutual effort to get together or stay in touch. If you are making more of an effort than your friend, it may be time to evaluate the overall relationship. Is there a reason your friend has become lazy about connecting with you?

Is she/he going through a hard time? If you feel that you’re the only one participating over a long period of time, the friendship may not be worth saving. But if it’s just a phase or your friend is enduring a crisis, she may need you now more than ever.Honesty is one of the most important elements of a good friendship.

Friends are people you respect, enjoy being with and, most of all, trust. If you discover that your friend repeatedly lies to you or that you feel unable to tell her the truth yourself, the friendship might not be strong enough to continue.

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