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Morality Police: Rapper Tyga is 25 and rumored to be dating Kylie Jenner 17 and one of the Kardashians. Did we mention he also has a baby and her family seems on board with the relationship.

Can your 17 yr old openly date a 25 yr old?

  • No… Nope…Naw… Go away! Not my 17 year old!!!!!!! Absolutely not! He can’t get through the back door! Front door ! Side windows! Up stairs windows! No!!!
  • At the end of the day no one wants their daughter dating Tyga lol… Even if they were the same age i STILL wouldn’t want him near my child.
  • I think it depends on the child and family. My children(fingers crossed) won’t be of that mind set. They won’t be exposed to the things she may be exposed to.
  • The only real legal morality issue is if they admit to having sex, consensual or whatever, he is still liable for statutory sexual assault and/or sexual contact with a minor
  • No. She’s too young at that point. It’s not really the age difference. He’d be at risk as well – from Daddy.
  • I definitely wouldn’t condone it but as sneaky as many of these teenagers are the more you tell there asses no the more they do…I have a teen n u can’t watch there every move u can just try ur best to guide them in the right direction..These teen girls are something else
  • Not in my house. He a grown man doing grown man stuff and you can’t tell me wouldn’t have her engaging in what he like and what he wants!
  • All in all at the end of the day its statutory rape. She 17 he 25…. Even if it was reversed it’s still the same thing….
  • No disrespect to his son’s mother intended yet how can a man go from a woman with her profession to a 17 year old socialite?! It wouldn’t be my daughter no matter if we were wealthy or not. It’s about respecting yourself as a young woman and see all sides of the situation. With certain values comes the more respectful result. He’s way too old for her and they all know it and should stop encouraging it.


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