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‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — Former NFL player Warren Sapp is the latest celeb to have to answer to solicitation charges. Should prostitution be illegal or should adults be able to sell/ buy sex?

  • I think it’s fine—right in Nevada. You want to buy sex—go there.
  • Just like weed was illegal for years and the only thing that got accomplished was giving people who wanted to smoke a criminal record. Prostitution should be legal and regulated to eliminate the Black market, which uses underage and human trafficking.
  • If they made it legal, marriages would be screwed, young girls would have no good standards to live by, boys will be having sex way to early (not saying they r not)and Ethically religion would be up side down. If you choose to have sex with a prostitute then u should deal with the consequences. Although it’s the oldest profession it’t morally wrong.
  • Well I personally think that we are doing it anyway when your dating!!!! You having sex and he paying you for it!! So they should make it a profession for those that want to do it!!! You are able to strip in clubs why not lol #kanyeshrugs
  • If someone wants to pay to play, that’s their business. Why go to jail for it.


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