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Bedroom Confessional: She discovered he is into “big girl porn” when she went into his phone. She is a skinny chick and worried her man may not be really into her. Thoughts?

  • I had a big guy every time I turned around he was watching big girl porn, it made me second guess myself. I was a size 5 and it didn’t matter what I did I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Ended up marrying someone else.
  • Go eat something.
  • Men always fantasize about what they don’t have, if he was looking at skinny women porn then she should be worried…..
  • Would she rather he be with a big girl and look at skinny girl porn?? He’s with her, he knew she wasn’t a big girl when they hooked up, but he’s still with her regardless…..
  • Once you go thick, you never go back! Seriously though, anytime you go into a man’s phone there’s a chance that you may see something that may hurt you.
  • Watch out for the Big Girl. Lol
  • My male friends say that they fantasize about the complete opposite of their partners. It’s a mental thing. Us women do it, too

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